Effective franchisee publishing = Effective franchisee recruitment

In the era of self-publishing never has it been more important more to manage a Brand’s digital footprint effectively.

So, what is the correlation between franchisee publishing and franchisee recruitment?

Go back ten or twenty years and there was very little information about any brand, beyond content created by the brand’s own marketing department.

This meant that a buyer was forced to get nearly all their information about a brand from the brand itself.

Today buyers expect to see consistent ‘about brand’ content that is supplied and published at every level of the brand.

Why? Because regular publishing by multiple activists makes it clear that the brand, its leaders, its franchisees and its clients are active, consistent and valued.

This is where social media comes into franchising, on both a local and a franchisee recruitment level.

Social media publishing therefore, now forms an important part of a brand’s story: How it works. Who is involved. And sentiment towards the brand and its people.

Easily finding and following such content has become part of the pre-buying validation process, on a local and franchisee recruitment level.

This creates the need for ongoing and effective social media publishing at scale. But how many franchisees are social media publishing experts?

Very few franchisees are experts when it comes to self-publishing.

It takes years of training for expertise to be developed: What to say? How to say it? Where to say it? And when to say it? These are not obvious.

When did any franchisee invest into a brand so they could become social media publishing experts? Probably never.

This leaves the brand and all its people with a challenge. How does each activist in the brand manage self-publishing?

More importantly, how do they do it well, so that the brand can be found and validated?

The answer is found in the head office’s expertise, training and technology.

Head Office has the expertise. Either in house or outsourced. So how can this expertise be used to transform social media publishing that support that band? SocialHANDLER is a technology specifically designed to enable head office experts to create social media posts to distributed to franchisees and to published at scale across the network.

By head office using their expertise and such tech, franchisees can receive and publish brand led social media content as a service.

This frees up franchisee time to growth their business. It also provides on brand content that supports the brand voice. This, along with head office training, helps franchisees to produce quality content for themselves.

All this adds up to better and more consistent publishing for and as a brand at scale.

This is turn provides regular quality content for any would be buyer to follow and validate the brand. Which in turn supports onboarding of clients for franchisees and new franchisees joining the network. If this sounds like a useful approach for your brand, contact us for a demo of SocialHANDLER