How do Franchisors balance their ‘global brand marketing’ against franchisee’s local marketing

On 1st June Nick Strong was interviewed by Christopher Watkin. They discussed the impact of social media and its use on franchising. The risks and how to overcome them.

Global and Local Brand Marketing in Franchising
Historically local marketing in franchising was easy. The franchisor produced templates for national and local marketing efforts. It was controlled and could easily be standardised and managed. Today much has changed. Today we are totally immersed in the world of self publishing. Anyone that posts on social media, blogs, ratings sites or websites is a publisher today. All published content stays online always. It can be found and it has an influence that shapes opinion about brands, promises and people.

With great freedom comes great responsibility
One of the challenges of everyone being a publisher, is that the quality and continuity of content published can vary significantly. For a franchise brand this represents a real challenge on a global and local level. The reason for this is that without head office control the local operator can make self publishing errors. These errors can have significant repercussions on the brand and all franchisee’s businesses. Not to mention the business of the brand owner, the franchisor.

No-one buys a franchise because they want to be a social media expert
When a man, woman, couple or partnership invest in a franchise they do so to mitigate risks and fast track to profitable trading. They do this by adopting the brand, the system and following both with absolute dedication and enthusiasm. When it comes to self publishing, in using social media, the wheels can come off. This is because it’s hard for the head office to lead in a clear and easy to implement process for local operators. That is until now!

SocialHANDLER has been developed to enable franchisors to create social media campaigns and forward these to all franchisees for use on a local level. The final version of each post is always that of the franchisee. SocialHANDLER therefore brings social media into the operational paradigm of franchising. i.e One brand, one message with multiple local voices that work together to build brand and personal success.

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