Warren Buffett once said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Today it may be said that it takes 20 years to build a brand and only one tweet to destroy it. Careers have been built and broken via social media publishing. Brands enhanced and damaged.

We recognised that brands, and the people operating under those brands, need to be supported and protected. Our new technology SocialHANDLER delivers in one place for the benefit of all.


It is now recognised that social media publishing is an essential part of the marketing mix that supports business growth. This is the case for all franchisors and their franchisees.

Franchisors and franchisees therefore have a vested interest in understanding social media and publishing effective content that supports visibility, reputation and growth.

However no-one enters franchising to be a social media expert as a first objective. This means that franchisee networks have a varied range of expertise which creates a threat to brand and personal reputation where franchisees are left to their own social media promotional activities.

We recognised the following challenges:

  • Franchisees depend on franchisors for marketing content
  • No main-stream social media publishing system existed that supported central content creation and distribution to networks
  • Social media content publishing does not work effectively as part of an operations manual format as social media content is about what is happening now

We responded by asking the question, “How can social media publishing be effectively centrally led for the protection and benefit of franchise networks?”

We built SocialHANDLER!

SocialHANDLER makes ‘one-to-many’ publishing a reality, enabling Head Office’s to use their marketing expertise to distribute well-crafted and consistent social media content for the benefit of their franchisees.

The idea of SocialHANDLER is being welcomed from franchisors and franchisees alike. This is because inconsistent social media publishing is a real issue that, until now, has not had an affordable, easy to access and effective technology to help remove this problem.

What SocialHANDLER does?

  1. Franchise Head Office signs up to SocialHANDLER and invites franchisees to open their own account
  2. Head Office creates and approves the networks content plan
  3. Head Office appoints internal social media expert or agency to create the content
  4. Head Office incumbent creates and distributes agreed content to franchisees via SocialHANDLER
  5. Franchisees are notified by email that content is ready for their approval
  6. Franchisees access content sent to them by head office and approve it for publishing
  7. Approved content is published to specified social media channels, at specified dates and times, as set by the head office expert
  8. Franchisees can create and publish their own content via SocialHANDLER. Head office can set approval permissions for all franchisee content before it is published.

Special Features

  1. The franchisor can set up and manage the user permissions for all franchisees that use SocialHANDLER
  2. A short-code function in SocialHANDLER enable all centrally published posts to contain each franchisees own phone number, email address and website landing page. This creates inbound calls to action in posts. This supports lead generation for each franchisee.
  3. Payments can be made centrally by the franchisor or locally by the franchisee
  4. Payment options can be managed by direct debit or credit card
  5. Video and images can be stored and published via the system
  6. SocialHANDLER can be used via any device that is browser enabled and is connected to the internet.

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