Make Social Media Work for Business – Part 1

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For business owners, that are used to advertising for lead generation and sales growth, the use of social media for business development can be baffling.

  • What do you write?
  • Which social media channel is effective?
  • How do you measure effectiveness?

All the above questions are common among business owners. In this three part series, I’ll outline a simple to use strategy that can help you to get your questions answered and make sense of the time and effort required to use social media effectively for business growth.

It’s about them

When you advertise you start with the “sell”. The goal is for someone to pick up a phone or complete a contact form so you can get a phone call with them as a first or second response.

Using social media is a bit like networking. You start with showing interest in others first and you get the selling opportunity once you have built trust.

It’s important to remember that your marketing is all about people and helping people solve their problems. You know that your business exists to solve specified problems for people. So, who are these people, where do they hangout and how can they be reached? With this in mind let’s think about what people we want to reach, what they want and how to help them get it.

Layered approach In the 1930’s, the US movie industry came up with a concept called ‘The Rule of 7’. The premise of this rule is that ‘A prospect needs to hear/read/see the advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy a product or service’.

Social media can offer an excellent way to connect with and influence people you wish to do business with. This is because you can share thoughts and insights that will be useful to them quite frequently. This increases engagement, influence and, over time, inbound lead flow. It does not all have to be about the “sell”. Social media publishing can help you share useful content for people as a give-away as a first step. You give first to get back in the future.

Look out for part 2 to find out how social media can be used to compliment your existing traditional marketing methods in your business.

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