Make Social Media Work for Business – Part 3

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If you haven’t already, make sure you read Part 1 and Part 2 of this three part series.

You own website

When people land on your website they need to be able to get quick understanding of who you are, your values, the service and products you provide. Call to actions and the promises you can keep are key. When it comes to the ‘About Us’ page, introducing the people the client will deal with is very important. Ideally, each name on the ‘About Us’ page will contain a tracked link to an agreed social media profile. This helps to build confidence and trust providing the profile is up to date and has useful validation from other clients such as LinkedIn recommendations.

Blog writing

Blogs are very useful when they are written for your audience and for your audience’s benefit. They are not sales push articles. They can also be used many times. When writing a blog, you may think about:

  • What is of interest to your clients
  • Sharing your blog to your social media profile and business page
  • Using the blog in client newsletters

Using social media and other channels can be useful ways to update and inform potential and existing clients of what you are doing that is of interest and of benefit to them. This helps to build insight and trust which can lead to sales and client loyalty.

Being part of a Brand network

If you are leading or part of a franchise network you can use a system like as this enables the head office to share permission videos, photos and posts for those in the network to use and enjoy. This helps to keep messages ‘on brand’ and provides access to central expertise. It reduces the time burden required on a local level to build and share great content that supports engagement, sales and client loyalty.

Build lists within social media channels for pay and display adverts

Pay and display ads, also called ‘Pay-Per-Click’, can provide another point of visibility to very specific audiences. By loading your target lists into social media channels, you can build and target your ads only at those included in the lists.

You can also use the social media channels to find a bigger list of people that meet your target profile. The result is your adverts are only seen by people that you know are directly relevant to your business by profile and location.


Make your social media work a natural part of your business building activity. By extending social media engagement into what you already do, and how you do it, you can increase connection to people that matter.

By doing this you will increase the number of times you connect and move quickly to 7 or more points of contact (See Part 1 for the ‘Rule of 7’). Clearly, for those contacts that are in the market, this approach may be useful and compelling, helping you drive more enquires and sales into your business.

The use of social media in your marketing strategy is one of developing contacts, building trust that supports the generation of more intentional buyer enquiries. It may help you to increase a qualitative response from what you are already doing. i.e. you get more leads, sales and loyal customers for your business.

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