Managing Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Managing Your Brand’s Online Reputation’ is ultimately what SocialHANDLER is all about and there to support.

We mostly work in the one brand multiple outlet/voice space, that is commonly known as franchising. We built SocialHANDLER to help single brands that support multiple outlets to build and protect their brand’s reputation in social media publishing.

The problem we spotted is that operations management and manuals are all about replication of the past to achieve future success, which is fine, but social media publishing is all about now. For this reason, there is no replicable formula for effective social media publishing for local managers to follow.

When most people take a job or invest into a franchise, they sign up to follow the process. Very few people have the expertise to publish on behalf of their brand and when they do, they can make costly mistakes (i.e. poor wording, spelling mistakes, breaking copyright on images they use in posts they publish, etc). This creates reputational risk and damage.

SocialHANDLER is technology that enables the brand’s marketing department and/or its appointed agents to build and publish great social media campaigns/posts at scale with local office/outlet user collaboration. The process being:

  1. The Head office/its agent develops and signs off the content plan
  2. The agreed campaigns and posts are developed out into SocialHANDLER at the head office/agent level
  3. The campaigns and posts are distributed to all local offices via the SocialHANDLER system by head office/the agent
  4. The local office/outlet user(s) are notified that they have social media campaigns/posts to approve from head office
  5. The local user(s) approve posts
  6. Approved posts publish at scale across the brand’s social media pages

In this way, SocialHANDLER is there for social media post creation, distribution and publishing of head office lead posts, at scale. This creates a findable and measurable social media footprint across the brand’s Pages. It also frees up local managers to maximise their time to do the job they were hired to do.

So, in a nutshell, SocialHANDLER is the tool that enables the creation, distribution and publishing at scale of social media campaigns and post, for single-brand, multi-outlet organisations. It’s used to build and protect brand and personal reputation.

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