Should Franchisees Use Personal Accounts or Business Pages?

The answer is both but each one should be developed in different ways to maximise brand and business development benefits.

Why Business Pages?

Business Pages enable a franchisee to build a client following that becomes an asset over time. Business Pages are an extension of the franchisee’s personal profile and a great way to amplify who they are, why they do what they do and the benefits of doing business together.

The benefits of building an engaged following using Business Pages are:

  • You can share brand and business-related information with your client followers
  • Add ongoing value by sharing up-to-date information about your brand news and service development
  • Build an asset that is transferable at such time you decide to sell the business
  • The business page remains part of the brand and can continue beyond any person or team

Why Personal Account / Timelines?

Building following to your profile and engaging personally helps to build regular communication and trust with existing and potential clients. It is a place to give and receive interest on a one-to-one level.

From this trust, it is then a next logical step to invite your personal followers to join your Business Page community.

NB – When inviting your clients and contacts to join your social media Business Pages think carefully. Who should you invite and why you’re inviting them?

Ideally the people who follow your Pages should:

  • Know who you are
  • Understand the brand and services
  • See relevance in following the page
  • Gain benefit by following the page via opportunities you offer and benefits you share

Content Plan

It’s important to rough out a content plan. This will help keep you on track with content building and sharing. Make this part of your diarised activity each week and stick to it.

You’ll need to consider:

  • Which social media channel(s) to utilise when building your Page communities
  • The profile of your followers
  • What they will benefit in knowing that you can share
  • The mix of news, promotions, discussions, and opportunities to share that will engage your Page followers
  • Make it for them and think reader benefit
  • The more engagement you get, the more your feed updates will appear in your followers’ timelines for free
  • Set days and times of the week when you publish and stick to these as it helps to build up engaged following

What can a Head Office do for franchisees?

Head Office has centralised expertise in all areas of the business. The head office teams are there to support franchisees to follow the system and build profitable success. Clearly an important part of this is the marketing and content plan.

To help Head Office teams to develop great social media content and deploy this to all franchisees to publish quickly and easily at scale, we have developed SocialHANDLER.

SocialHANDLER enables Head Office marketing teams to share their expertise in social media content creation.

Through SocialHANDLER head office teams can give back valuable time to busy franchisees and deliver great content by publishing to social media pages at scale across the whole franchise network.

To see how it works, ask for your demo today. Email